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GM issues new financial guidance financial news

CNBC의 Phil LeBeau는 FM에 합류하여 General Motors의 새로운 재무 지침에 대한 세부 사항을 보고합니다. CNBC의 Melissa Lee와 Fast Money 트레이더, Guy Adami, Tim Seymour, Karen Finerman 및 Steve Grasso와 함께합니다. CNBC의 라이브 및 독점 비디오에 액세스하려면 CNBC PRO를 구독하십시오. » CNBC TV 구독: » CNBC 구독: » CNBC Classic 구독: CNBC TV에서 최신 주식 시장 뉴스 및 분석을 확인하십시오. 시장 선물에서 실시간 가격 업데이트까지 CNBC는 전 세계 비즈니스 뉴스의 선두 주자입니다. The News with Shepard Smith는 CNBC의 일간 뉴스 팟캐스트로 그날의 가장 중요한 이야기에 대해 깊이 있고 초당파적인 보도와 관점을 제공합니다. 9월 30일부터 매일 오후 8시 30분(동부 표준시)/오후 5시 30분(태평양 표준시)까지 청취 가능: CNBC 뉴스 온라인으로 연결 최신 뉴스 받기: LinkedIn에서 CNBC 팔로우: Facebook에서 CNBC 뉴스 팔로우: Twitter에서 CNBC 뉴스 팔로우: Instagram에서 CNBC 뉴스 팔로우 : #CNBC #CNBCTV .

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GM issues new financial guidance

GM issues new financial guidance

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GM issues new financial guidance
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22 thoughts on “GM issues new financial guidance financial news”

  1. Tesla is way ahead in the US. Less so globally.

    What surprised me more is 11% market share of Volkswagen. VW hasn't even started flexing its muscles in the US, as their Chattanooga factory will only start production next year.

  2. Lol 😂 Tesla builds cars 4 x faster than vw . Gm due they have the batteries for all the cars ya we will in 4 years Lol .Gm in 2030 only thing they will be selling is themselves to Ford

  3. Market share is really irrelevant until the market is mature, and you need to take share from someone else in order to increase sales. Until it gets to that point there’s zero point in even talking about it. Every manufacturer right now can sell every EV they make so market share is purely just a demonstration of who is producing at what volume and nothing more. Tesla could drop to 25% market share and still 10X sales in the process. It’s silly.

  4. Do they still have 9% if you take away all the cars they had to recall for the battery issue? Selling the car and then taking them all back shouldn’t count as market share since they all had to be returned 😛

  5. So if Tesla produces 2 million vehicles next year and then 3.3 the next year and then 4 million the next year….. do u think gm will capture market share when they produce 50k vehicles 🥴🥴🤔🤔

  6. GM losses $10k per vehicle for chevy bolt BEFORE the recall. They are targeting $90B EV Revenue by 2030? How? Nokia + Microsoft had a plan to destroy iPhone with Windows phones. Where is Nokia now?

  7. The only way I can see the legacy ICE car manufacturers taking large EV market share from Tesla is if they can produce an EV for $25,000 or less that can get 300 miles of range before Tesla can. Or they can do the Amazon strategy and sell their EV’s at a loss for $15,000 in order to take significant market share from Tesla and then recoup those losses by selling subscription services for charging stations, internet/5G data connection, advanced gps or music services, and eventually self driving features.

  8. They're clearly fighting from behind to catch up to Tesla, which won the EV race a good while ago. GM said they wouldn't even get their vehicles to be EV only until 2030, Tesla is full EV right now, and owns almost the entire EV market.

  9. VW, Ford and GM all get that Tesla is the one to beat, currently as things stand right now. By 2030 Tesla will be so far in front, why? Here is what you guys are totally missing: 1) You are talking market share, irrelevant. If I have to explain the mathematics here you all must be a bunch of dummies, but really you guys know the market share angle is total BS. 2) Tesla is building cars at far less cost than anyone else. The machine that builds the machine, is what you all laughed at Musk saying that he cannot deliver. Giga casting, Less robots etc. GP margins 20% +. 3)The big knife into all the big three, 4680 battery cells halving the cost of Teslas current batteries. GM, Ford and VW understand all of this and are panicking. You guys just don’t get it yet, but you will!

  10. they just told their investors …"give us nine years, we can do it " lmao……we are still manufacturing in china btw. usa my ass. buy ford stocks ……GM does not have an F150 ev. period

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